Humanistic and integrative psychotherapy emphasizes a hopeful view of human beings and of their ability to be self-determining. It believes that individuals are fundamentally responsible for themselves and, whilst recognising the tragic dimensions of human existence, it emphasises the ability of persons to go beyond themselves and realise their true nature. It seeks to assist people who are in crisis and/or are searching for meaning and purpose in life.
Humanistic and integrative psychotherapy encourages the distinctly human qualities of choice and creativity. It recognises that we are strongly influenced by forces in society and in the unconscious, and some of these are negative and destructive. At the same time it believes in the independent dignity and worth of individual human beings and their conscious capacity to develop personal competence and self-respect. This emphasis on individual freedom and self-determination is matched by a recognition of our interdependence and our responsibilities to one another, to society and to the eco-system.
Humanistic and integrative psychotherapy acknowledges the validity of a variety of therapeutic approaches to the individual. It seeks to integrate the use of two or more approaches in the practice of psychotherapy.

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