I am a qualified as a supervisor to support other accredited therapists and those in training.

I am a qualified supervisor with IAHIP to support other accredited therapists and those in training. All psychotherapists and counsellors are required to have supervision, a form of peer support, on an on-going basis. Supervision is an essential requirement in maintaining a competent practice. I aim to support and encourage supervisees in their work and allow time to reflect on the work (which is integral to the psychotherapeutic process). I believe that reflecting on the work provides a basis for learning from that work and for working more creatively.


I follow the Page and Wosket 5 stage cyclical model of supervision which for me has simplified the supervision process. The five stages of the Cyclical Model can be summed up as follows:

Contract: What needs to be in place for us to work together effectively?

Focus: What is your dilemma?

Space: How can I help you explore your dilemma?

Bridge: What do you want to take away from out discussion today and apply in your work?

Review: What do we want more of, or less of, or kept the same?

Supervision is a collaborative, relational process that benefits from structures and frameworks to shape and guide the work. The cyclical model creates a safe container for the supervision process and when it is in place it allows the supervisor and supervisee to risk using more of themselves, to be open to working in spontaneous and creative ways with what is emerging. I find this model clearly understandable and I can readily adapt it to the requirements of the situation.



If you would like to discuss any of my services in more detail or would like to make an appointment. Please feel free to contact me. I would be delighted to hear from you.